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The pressure washer comes well packaged with a few pieces that require assembly. It comes with a screwdriver and wrench so you have all necessary tools to assemble the pressure washer. The assembly is super easy and only took a few minutes to complete the assembly. Everything assembles tight to the unit. The wheels turn and function very well and it glides across cement and grass. The hose connections are tight and do not leak. They are easy to connect to the hose. The hand control is easy to use and the handle control is very comfortable. It comes with several tips depending on the pressure and angle you are looking for. The tips are very easy to swap out. The cord is long and has a surge protector on the end in case it needs to be shut off due to water. Now my favorite part and really the biggest selling point for me, the hose reel. The hose reels up tightly and easily to the unit for easy storage. The cord winds up on the backside so everything stores very nicely. Overall I am very happy with this pressure washer it offers plenty of power for around the house. It stores nicely and is simple to use. I highly recommend this pressure washer

Kritee Barlow

This sprayer is so handy and so much fun it takes all the work out of cleaning it’s no longer a chose it’s almost like water comes pretty much completely installed. Has a telescopic aluminum handle that adjust to number outs heights so you can pick the one that is best for you. You can install the two extra large wheel for crafting or transport. They help make it easy to pull over any type of terrain. A 33 ft long cable and 16 ft long hose makes it easy to clean all around your whole house. The auto shut off works awesome for when your trigger is not engaged saving energy and pump wear and tear giving it a longer life span. Comes with four Nozzles color coded and a handy storage box for them all for easy access as well. An extra large soap dispenser pot so that you don’t have to fill and refill during a large job. 3 mode touch screen display for soft,medium and hard spraying adjustable features. A waterproof switch for safety for you and the machine. The lcd touch screen displays your on and off , along with your current pressure in use. The buttons on there control the level of performance. With the Teande pressure washer works on all kinds of surfaces. Vinyl, house siding, wood, steps,concrete, bricks, walkways trailers, campers lawn furniture you name it this I’ll clean it. Fences look brand new along with so many other dingy things. This is easily operated and everyone should have one it’s so handy.

Richard C

We finally decided to invest in a pressure washer since we just recently paid a company $200 to clean the siding on our home.. really wished we saved the money and purchased this sooner.. it has already paid for itself and some! This machine is packed with some AMAZING POWER!!!
Love the different nozzles which makes it So much more versatile, we were able to clean the roof without damaging or loosening the shingles.. along with the many pressure adjustment options..
so we can Also wash the cars deck , painted patio , and the outside of the pool walls without damaging the paint or concrete work..
my husband was able to Effortlessly cleaned the top story of our house. Without even having to use a ladder (that’s how powerful it is!)
This Pressure Washer is very good for cleaning tight areas and power washing layered dirt off The car also without damage.
My neighbor who owns a Stanley pressure washer complimented ours and is now thinking of replacing his.
You could also adjust the water pressure by using different nozzle ends and it’s even been good for watering plants using the low pressure end..
We have had it in near constant use over the last 2 weeks. It’s holding up amazingly.
The pressure was sure worth every penny we paid for it! Amazing results , Amazing price!

Nikki Holmes