How Much PSI do You Need?

The best pressure washer for the project depends on the job at hand. Check this PSI chart to see which pressure washer is right for you. For example, the best pressure washers for cars will be different than the best pressure washers for driveways or sidewalks.

1,300-1,800 PSI

• Light-duty

• Best for infrequent jobs

• Use for car washing, shutter cleaning, spot cleaning, grills, lawn furniture, light mildew/mold removal

• Up to 1.5 GPM

• Residential electric grade

• Consumer electric motor models

2,000-3,000 PSI

• Heavy-duty

• Best for common jobs

• Use for deck, driveway and pavement cleaning, sidewalks, siding, tougher stains

• Up to 2.8 GPM

• Residential gas grade

• Consumer gas engine models

3,000-4,000+ PSI

• Best for tough, heavy jobs

• Use for industrial cleaning, concrete, pavement, siding, paint stripping, graffiti removal, stubborn stains, mold and mildew removal

• Up to 4.0 GPM

• Professional grade

• Professional gas engine models