Pressure Washer Tips

Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your pressure washer:

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for operating your pressure washer.
Remember to use safety gear such as safety goggles.

Consider the flow of your water supply and double-check the amps required to power the model you plan to buy.

Well water may be incompatible with most washers because of low water flow.
Look for a pressure washer that has a ground fault interrupter built into the cord. (Note: Some require a 20-amp circuit.)

For demanding cleaning needs, consider a unit that includes electronic fuel injection, or EFI. This feature gives the pressure washer 50 percent easier starting and better fuel economy.

Pressure washer detergent will vary by machine. If your project calls for detergent, be sure to check the instruction manual for recommendations.

Buying a pressure washer is a great way to make short work of cleaning everything from sidewalks and windows to outdoor furniture and home siding. Whether it's an electric pressure washer or a gas-powered one, this handy outdoor power equipment is a must-have for quick, easy cleaning. A pressure washer rental might make more sense if you only use a pressure washer a few times a year. You won't need to store it either.